Cristina Garafola: SAIS + HNC

A big CONGRATS (恭喜) to everyone who’s been admitted to SAIS, HNC, and the 5 Semester Program!  As crazy as this sounds, the easy part is over for most accepted students—now it’s time to figure out which program out of the ones you’re considering best fits your interests and needs.  Good luck to everyone in this decision-making process!

In other news—actually, literally—HNCers and SAISers have been making the news.  SAIS Ph.D. candidate Neil K. Shenai, currently a visiting scholar at HNC, and Bernard Geoxavier, HNC MAIS ‘12, recently collaborated on an article for Fareed Zakaria GPS called "Why Succession Matters."  Their article covers the succession procession in Chinese politics and the long term implications for China’s leadership and the Communist Party.

Also, Shen Dan, HNC Certificate ‘12, was recently selected as a 2012 Chinese delegate for the Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford!

Congrats to these SAISers and HNCers, as well as you future SAISers and HNCers out there.  Your first semester as a SAIS or HNC student is only a few short months away!  If you have any questions, watch your email inbox for info on the online chat sessions and feel free to participate (I did last year as a prospective student and they were pretty helpful).  Also, you can always post a question on this blog and I’ll do my best to answer it.

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